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Term Deposit-i

Eligible for PIDM Protection
Term Deposit-<i>i</i>

Save what matters most.

If you have cash to spare, or a long-term fixed goal in mind, consider Al Rajhi's Term Deposit-i. It's a safe method of growing your wealth, as the savings period and profit rate is agreed upfront. By not touching your savings during this fixed period, you will be letting your money work harder for you. Rest assured, we only invest in Shariah-approved investment activities, the performance of which will be calculated on a monthly basis. It's a beautiful marriage between prudence and adventure. A good, clean Shariah-compliant way to make the most of your wealth.

Product Features
  • Principal guaranteed and fixed profit
  • Profit accrued daily and credited at maturity
  • Acceptable tenure from 1 month to 60 months 
  • Initial placement:
        < 3 months → RM1,000; or
        > 3 months → RM500
  • Commodity Murabahah (Cost plus Profit)
  • Wakalah bil ujrah (Agency with Fee)


  • Aged 18 years and above
  • Joint : Maximum 2 Persons
  • In-trust aged 1 month up to 17 years old


Non-profit organisation and Corporate

  • Make as many deposits as you like 
  • Enjoy a minimum deposit of RM500 
  • Flexible tenure up to 60 months 
  • Guaranteed principle with fixed profit 
  • In compliance with Al Rajhi (Malaysia) Shariah standard
  • Eligible for protection by PIDM (up to RM250,000 per customer)

Fees & Charges

Service Fee NIL
Dormant Account (an advice is sent to customer advising customer to re-activate account)

a) With balances up to RM10
Account will be closed and the balance absorbed by the Bank as fee income
b) With balances greater than RM10 An annual service of RM10.60 will be charged until the remaining account balances are transferred to Unclaimed Monies; at any stage if the balance is equal to RM10 or less, the account will be closed and the outstanding amount will be absorbed by the Bank as fee income.
c) Activation of dormant account Waived
Request for Additional Statement
Agency Fee*
RM 2.12 per statement
0.01% (to be taken from the Agency Fee fund)

* The customer will pay to Al Rajhi Nominee (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd as its agent as stated in the Terms & Conditions. Fees are inclusive of GST 6% charges.