Savings Account-i

Eligible for protection by PIDM
Savings Account-<i>i</i>

Thinking of starting a regular savings programme? Excellent plan. Our basic savings account offers you the unique advantage of saving money and privileges of a Visa Debit-ATM Card-i.

Product Features
  • Principal is guaranteed
  • Initial deposit of RM20
  • Minimum balance of RM10

Qard (Loan)

  • 24-hour ATM access to 26 ATMs and ATMs displaying Visa PLUS and/ or MEPS signs
  • A VISA enabled ATM Card accepted for retail purchase @ 35 million retail outlets worldwide
  • Choice of monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly or annual e-statements
  • In compliance with Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) Shariah standards
  • Eligible for protection by PIDM (up to RM250,000 per customer)
  • Open to all Malaysians aged 18 and above; children aged 13 -17; in-trust: aged 1 month to 12 years 
  • From RM20 initial deposit
  • Joint account: maximum 2 persons
  • A copy of: NRIC or Military ID or Police ID
  • For non-resident: 
    • Work permit, letters of appointment and passport

Fees & Charges

Minimum Amount to Open Account

Qard: RM 20.00
Qard Young Savers : RM 10.00

Minimum Balance to Maintain RM 10.00
Service Fee NIL
Dormant Account (an advice is sent to customer advising customer to re-activate account)
a) With balances up to RM 10
Account will be closed and the balance absorbed by the Bank as fee income
b) With balances greater than RM 10
An annual service of RM 10.00 will be charged until the remaining account balances are transferred to Unclaimed Monies; at any stage if the balance is equal to RM 10 or less, the account will be closed and the outstanding amount will be absorbed by the Bank as fee income
c) Activation of dormant account Waived
Request for Additional Statement RM 2.00 per statement

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