List of Insured Deposits

Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor

Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation (Malaysia) Berhad (Member of PIDM)


  Deposit Product Name Product Code Deposit Type Currency Shariah Contract
1. Al Rajhi Fixed Term Investment Account-i
(also known as Mudharabah General Investment Account)
0350IR0500800001 General Investment RM Unrestricted Mudarabah
2. Commodity Murabahah Current Account-i 0350IR0100300001 Demand Deposit RM Murabahah
3. Commodity Murabahah Deposit
(also known as Commodity Murabahah Term Deposit-i)
0350IM0600300001 Commodity Murabahah RM & Foreign Murabahah
4. Commodity Murabahah Foreign Currency Current Account-i (CM FCY CA-i) 0350IF0100300001 Demand Deposit Foreign Murabahah
5 Commodity Murabahah Savings Account-i 0350IR0200300001 Savings Deposit RM Murabahah
6. Current Account - Foreign Currency
(also known as Qard Foreign Currency Current Account-i)
0350IF0100200002 Demand Deposit Foreign Qard
7. Current Account-Qard
(also known as Qard Current Account-i)
0350IR0100200002 Demand Deposit RM Qard
8. Floating Rate Term Deposit
(also known as Commodity Murabahah Floating Rate Term Deposit-i)
0350IR0600300012 Commodity Murabahah RM Murabahah
9. Foreign Currency Account Musafir
(also known as Qard Foreign Currency Current Account-i)
0350IF0100200003 Demand Deposit Foreign Qard
10. Mudharabah Current Account 0350IR0100800001 Demand Deposit RM Unrestricted Mudarabah
11. Qard Savings Account
(also known as Qard Savings Account-i)
0350IR0200200001 Savings Deposit RM Qard
12. Wakalah Bi Al Istithmar Investment Account
(also known as Wakalah Investment Account)
0350IR0501000001 General Investment RM Unrestricted Wakalah


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