MEPS ATM Services

MEPS ATM Services

A self-serve banking facility provided by Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet) that allows you to perform cash withdrawal, balance inquiry and instant transfer using your Al Rajhi Bank Debit Card-i and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at MEPS ATM.

Service availability:

Operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week


Al Rajhi Bank is now a member of MEPS ATM Network, providing you the convenience of banking with us. You can now access your Al Rajhi Bank deposits accounts using Al Rajhi Bank Debit Card-i at over 600 MEPS ATMs in Malaysia to perform the following services:

  • Balance enquiry
  • Interbank cash withdrawal
  • Interbank ATM instant transfer to current account and savings account, financing and cards repayment.


No more payment delays! All transactions are performed in real-time.

Fees & Charges

Cash withdrawal at MEPS ATM (PayNet) RM 1.00 per transaction

PayNet Instant Transfer at PayNet MEPS ATM:

(a) RM5,000 and below per transaction

(b) Above RM5,000 per transaction


(a) Waived

(b) RM0.50 per transaction
Balance enquiry at PayNet MEPS ATM: Waived

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