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Diversify your portfolio

One of the goals of a smart asset allocation plan is to create a diversified portfolio. That way, if part of your business' investment portfolio hits a rough patch, the other part may perform well. 

At Al Rajhi, we offer you Direct Investment via Commodity Murabahah transactions both in Ringgit and other foreign currencies. The commodities offered are regulated and traded either at the London Metal Exchange or Bursa Malaysia trading platforms, both of which are secure and convenient to access.

Our Products:

Commodity Deferred Purchase Agreement
Direct Investment via Commodity Murabahah caters to both Ringgit and other major foreign currencies with a minimum nominal amount of 1 million for tenures ranging from 1 week to 12 months.
FX Spot & Forward
We also offer competitive foreign currency sales and purchases prices, both for your spot and forward value requirements (for corporates only). Minimum amount is USD 50k equivalent. You just need to have a Ringgit / foreign currency account with us.
Forward Forex-i
Commodity Deferred Sale-i
Commodity Deferred Agreement-i

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