Bank Guarantee-i

Bank Guarantee-<i>i</i>
A Bank Guarantee (BG-i) is a payment undertaking given by the Bank (guarantor) in writing at the request of customer (principal/ applicant) to pay stated sum of money to the beneficiary upon presentation of written demand. BG-i serves as a surety by Al Rajhi Bank who agrees to be responsible for the financial obligation of the applicant. It is issued on behalf of customer to facilitate the usage of products or services, or to secure contracts and issued guarantee instrument. The BG-i product can be offered to customer with/out financing facility. BG Backed by Cash Margin is a guarantee instrument against cash mode solution.
Product Features
• Applicable via financing line or cash mode solution
• Available in MYR & selected foreign currencies
• Honour payment to your beneficiary upon receipt of a claim
• No necessity to raise cash to meet the deposit requirements, and funds could be used to support working capital requirements (with financing line)
• Wakalah, Ujrah
The Bank acts as an agent (wakeel) to issue a written guarantee backed by upfront payment from the Customer


• Kafalah
The Bank acts as a guarantor where the Bank will guarantee the Customer’s project or performance
• On merit or case to case basis
• Customer who enjoys financing facility with the Bank

Fees & Charges

Kafalah BG-i - with Trade Limit
• Issuance/Amendment RM400.00 flat
Wakalah BG-i - Backed by Cash Margin
• Issuance 0.1% per month (1.2% per annum) on the guaranteed amount, subject to a minimum of RM100.00 per BG-i issued

• Amendment related to extension of period or increase in amount

0.1% per month (1.2% per annum) on the guaranteed amount, for the additional guarantee period or additional guarantee amount, subject to a minimum of RM 100.00 per BG-i issued.
• Amendment not related to extension of period or increase in amount i.e. revision of clause or change in beneficiary RM100.00 flat
* Notes: 
1. Commissions and rates specified herein apply to a single transaction. Any incidental charges such as remittance/postage/courier will be charged according to usage/destination. 
2. Total fees, charges and commission quoted are subject to applicable taxes (if any). 
3. The Bank reserves the right to vary such fees and charges with prior notice or as agreed with the customer in the Letter of Offer. 

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