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Bank Guarantee-i

Bank Guarantee-<i>i</i>

A Bank Guarantee-i serves as a surety by Al Rajhi Bank who agrees to be responsible for the financial obligation of the applicant. It is guarantee issued on behalf of your company to a third party to facilitate your usage of products or services, or to secure contracts. Should the applicant be unable to fulfil his part of the contract or incur loss or damage, a Bank Guarantee-is an irrevocable confirmation to the beneficiary (third party) that he will still receive the sum of money upon demand. With this facility, you are able to enhance your company’s cash flow and reduce transaction risk.

EXPRESS BG-i (fully secured against deposit account)

One day issuance for BG-i Letter of Offer with minimum supporting documents and ONLY ONE DAY to get your BG-i out, subject to completion of documentation.

Click Express BG-i Application Checklist for more details.