Client Charter

Guided by our values, we believe in providing Shariah-compliant banking products and services based on fair and honest Islamic principles that derive win-win lasting partnerships via our tailor-made solutions and customer care that respect and benefit your banking needs.

With this in mind, we have crafted and practiced the key commitments that lie at the heart of our Client Charter in our dealings with our customers.


Safety and security of operations in our financial services provision is of utmost importance in Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia. We place great emphasis in providing a protected and secured security infrastructure that prevents unauthorised access or data theft and make best efforts in ensuring that our third party vendors employ the same high standards of security, reliability and dependability. This high standard of stable and reliable security provides our customers the peace of mind to bank securely and confidentially with Al Rajhi Bank via our various channels including internet banking.

Privacy Policy

Being respectful of our customers' privacy concern, Al Rajhi Bank ensures that our customers' personal and financial information are maintained, protected and safeguarded at all times and will not be shared by any unauthorised parties in any unlawful and unauthorised manner. 

Reliable and Quality Service

By understanding our customers' banking needs, we strive to provide our customers with products and services that are best suited and beneficial for them. At Al Rajhi Bank, our staff are continuously trained to enable them to service customers effectively and maintain consistent and efficient quality service of high standards of professionalism that reflect our values.
Customers visiting our Branches are generally served within 10 minutes and a 24-hour dedicated helpline has been set up to address any queries.

Transparency of Products and Services

We take pride in being a reliable banking partner that honours our commitment to our customers by representing the Bank's products in a clear, responsible, accurate manner and by disclosing relevant and material terms and conditions relating to the products and services offered. All our customers are treated as equal with the same products, terms and services offered. This ensures that our customers' expectations are matched with our offerings.

Prompt Response to Queries and Complaints

Taking the view that queries, feedbacks and complaints are opportunities to improve ourselves and to serve our customers better,
Al Rajhi Bank has established a dedicated and trained team to review and respond to queries and complaints promptly. Our dedicated team can be reached at:
Customer Care Hotline: +603 2332 6000

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