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Rafahia Debit Card-i

Rafahia Debit Card-<i>i</i>


Rafahia Debit Card-is complete with its own unique benefits, unparalleled to any other debit card currently available. The card's Takaful protection and exclusive Al Rajhi banking privileges is specifically designed for your pilgrimage journey to Hajj and Umrah. Leave your worries and safety with us so that you can focus on performing your spiritual journey. 

  • Resident and non-resident individuals aged 16 years old up to a maximum of 70 years old (renewal of Takaful protection is up to 75 years old)
  • In compliance with Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) Shariah standards
  • Based on Shariah contract of ‘Wakalah bil Ujrah’
  • Worldwide Takaful protection up to RM350,000 all year round
  • Additional protection up to RM700,000 during Umrah & Hajj
  • Emergency evacuation and supervised repatriation up to RM40,000
  • Exclusive Al Rajhi banking privileges
  • Deposit products are eligible for protection by PIDM

Fees & Charges

Takaful Annual Contribution Fees:
Rafahia 7 RM742
Rafahia 4 RM424
Rafahia 2 RM212
Issuance Fee Waived
Annual Fee RM10.60
Replacement / Lost card RM12.00

Cash withdrawal at Al Rajhi Bank ATM Network:

- Locally incorporated banks

- Foreign Islamic banks

- Foreign banks


RM 1.06 per transaction

RM 2.12 per transaction

RM 4.24 per transaction

Cash withdrawal at Visa PLUS ATM Network (local and overseas) RM 12.72
Additional statement request:  
Savings Account-i RM2.12
Current Account-i RM5.30
Sales draft retreival fee RM5.30
Overseas transaction conversion Based on Visa's daily exchange rate
Daily cash withdrawal limit RM 5,000.00

Note: All fees & charges are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 6%, except for the Replacement/Lost Card Fee