Sinar Baraqah

Sinar Baraqah

Sinar Baraqah

Sinar Baraqah offers a comprehensive solution of takaful protection for you and your loved ones. Grow your savings from as low as RM125 monthly to help expedite your hajj obligations as well as Badal Hajj.

1. Sinar Baraqah has a variety of contribution plan ranging from as low as RM125 monthly to enable you  to reach your goal within the desired time frame.




RM 125


RM 175


RM 250


RM 375


RM 500

2. Death & Total and Permanent disability (TPD benefit*) – In the event of death or TPD of person covered, 100% of sum covered and value of Universal Account, less any indebtedness will be payable in one lump sum. Additional of 100% sum covered will be payable if death/TPD occurs while performing Hajj/Umrah**.

3. Accidental Death & TPD benefit* – An additional benefit amount of RM10,000 will be payable if the person covered dies or suffers TPD due to a covered accident.

4. In the event of death, suffers TPD* or diagnosed with any 36 CI of person covered, the Badal Hajj benefit will be payable to the service provider engaged by Sun Life Malaysia Takaful to perform Badal Hajj on behalf of the person covered. Should a 3rd party service provider be unavailable to perform Badal Hajj, a lump sum amount of RM2,500 will be payable to the nominee or proper claimant.

5. Special Payout – A lump sum amount of RM1,500 will be payable after completion of 3 contract anniversaries from the Universal Account.

6. Final Benefit – Accumulated value of Universal Account will be payable at the end of the contract term.

7. Universal Account - While the contract is in force, the investment income will be credited to the universal account on an annual basis. Any investment loss in the universal account will be borne by the participants.

8. Attachable Riders:

    a. Person covered waiver of contribution benefit (PCWOC) rider***
        This rider waives all future contributions (basic takaful contribution and scheduled top-up contribution (if any) ) until the expiry of the basic plan contract             term upon diagnosis of any of the 36 critical  illnesses of the person covered.

    b. Contract holder waiver of contribution benefit (CHWOC) rider***
         In the event that the contract holder dies, suffers total and permanent diability or is diagnosed with any one of the 36 critical illnesses, all future                             contributions (basic takaful contribution and scheduled top – up contribution (if any), plus riders contribution (if any)) for the contract will be waived until the expiry of rider term.

9. Top up contribution -
     a. Scheduled top-up contributions
         minimum    : RM 50 monthly
         maximum   : subject to company discretion

     b. Single top – up contribution
          Minimum  : RM 500
          Maximum : Subject to company discretion
          The maximum scheduled top – up contribution allowable at new business stage on per contract basis is 20 times of basic sum covered.
          The maximum single top-up contribution allowable after the contract is in force is RM500,000 per person covered. Sun Life Malaysia Takaful reserve the right to change the maximum limit from  time to time.

* TPD coverage will cease on the contract monthly anniversary, immediately following the person covered’s 65th birthday. Maximum TPD benefit payable per life is RM 2,000,000

**Subject to the coverage period of 45 days for Hajj and 15 days for Umrah, or the actual travel duration, whichever is shorter.

***For customer who has taken up both PCWOC benefit rider and CHWOC benefit rider, the CHWOC benefit rider will be terminated once the PCWOC benefit rider is activated regardless whether CHWOC benefit rider is activated earlier or not.

This product is managed by Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad (689263-M), (“Sun Life Malaysia”), a Takaful Operator registered under the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Disclaimer: The description of the features/plans and benefits of the takaful product herein is not a contract/certificate of a family takaful product and is only a brief summary of the takaful product for quick and easy reference. The complete terms and conditions of the takaful product are contained in the relevant Contract/Certificate Document of the specific takaful product of Sun Life Malaysia.

The Shariah Board of Al-Rajhi Bank does not review or recommend any of Takaful operators including their products and other related agreements. The Shariah compliance status of Takaful products is at the responsibility of their respective Shariah Committee.

The Product Disclosure Sheets (PDS) below are generated for a non-smoker male aged 35 years old.



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