Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

One-stop access to a wide spectrum of treasury solutions

Manage your foreign exchange requirements according to your business and risk profiles with Shariah-compliant foreign exchange services as we offer competitive foreign currency sales and purchases prices.

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Foreign Exchange (FX) Spot

Foreign exchange spot trading is an obligation to buy or sell one currency against a different currency for immediate delivery, rather than for future delivery. The standard settlement timeframe for FX Spot trades is T+2 days, i.e. 2 business days from the date of trade execution.

  • Solutions to the Bank’s customers to perform any foreign exchange transactions or payment
  • Fast, efficient and competitive pricing for all your vanilla spot foreign exchange transactions
  • Short dates transactions only i.e. T, T+1 or T+2
  • Utilisation is for Shariah-compliant purposes only
  • Account holder of Ringgit / Foreign currency with Al-Rajhi Bank

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