20 Aug 2023 Gold Bars up for Grabs!
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Al Rajhi Banking & Investment Corporation (Malaysia) Bhd (alrajhi bank Malaysia) has launched the Gold For Your Goals Campaign, which rewards customers with a five (5) gram 999.9/99.99 gold bar for every investment of RM200,000 and above they make in the Bank’s Gold-i and/or a selection or all 14 of the Bank’s Unit Trusts. The campaign, which began on 1 June 2023 and continues until 29 December 2023, is open to all alrajhi bank Malaysia customers.

To be eligible, customers must be 18 years of age and have an active alrajhi bank Malaysia account, and must make a minimum investment of RM200,000 into an alrajhi bank Malaysia investment product in a single day. There is no limit to the number of times eligible individuals can be rewarded with the gold bar as long as they meet the requirements.

alrajhi bank Malaysia Chief Executive Officer, Arsalaan (Oz) Ahmed, said, “There’s been a price surge for gold bars due to the rise in demand, and this is expected to trend upwards for gold in Malaysia. Given today’s quickly changing economy, people are increasingly interested in diversifying their investment plans to safeguard their finances. It’s the perfect time to capitalise on gold and it is always prudent to have some holding of gold, a time-tested asset, as part of any overall investment portfolio.”

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of Gold-i and Unit Trust to build a multi-asset investment portfolio. Moreover, they can invest jointly with family members to build their stake faster and unlock even more gold bars.

These are the participating equity unit trust funds under this campaign: 

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