11 Sep 2012 Al Rajhi Rewards Fifteen i Zamzam Customers with Hajj and Umrah Package Of A Lifetime
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Kuala Lumpur - Al Rajhi Bank once again rewarded exclusive Hajj and Umrah packages to fifteen lucky winners of its i Zamzam Savings Account-i Hajj and Umrah Draw; of which five were Hajj winners and the remaining ten were rewarded with exclusive Umrah packages.
This would be the fourth year that Al Rajhi Bank is giving away Hajj and Umrah packages to its i Zamzam Savings Account-i depositors. The campaign was first launched in 2009, and Al Rajhi Bank was the first and still is the only Islamic bank that rewards hajj and umrah packages to its depositors on a yearly basis. To date, Al Rajhi Bank has sent 55 winners to the Holy Land, and this year’s batch of 15 winners will have made it 65 winners in total thus far.
The five lucky Hajj winners were Dato' Mohamad Shokri Bin Abdullah, 59 with his wife Zaitun Binti Zabidi, 54, En Wan Rashid Bin Wan Mohamed, 43, En Admi Shazman Bin Ismail Zakri, 32, Cik Sabariyah Binti Din, 63, and Puan Wan Samsiah Binti Wan Salleh, 45.
"I feel truly blessed with this win and would like to express my gratitude to God for this unanticipated blessing. Now I finally have a chance to perform Hajj,” said one of the Hajj winners, Wan Samsiah in an interview.
This round’s ten Umrah packages winners were En Afizulazha Bin Abdullah, 45, Puan Nor Ahmar Binti Mohd Ali, 59, En Mohd Daruis Bin Zainuddin, 63, Puan Shamsiah Binti Ibrahim, 58, En Jaafar Bin Hitam Yusoh, 53, Puan Rahmah Binti Rasat, 56, Mr Marzieh Aslanian Milani And Assadollah Maleknejad, Puan Azlina Bt Jamaluddin, 49, En Saari Bin Zakaria, 60, and Dato' Seri Barkath Ali Bin Abu Backer, 64.
There were several new customers who became lucky winners this year as one Hajj and two Umrah package winners have only been banking with Al Rajhi Bank within less than a year.
Apart from rewarding the exclusive Hajj and Umrah packages, Al Rajhi Bank also stated that it is planning to present the winners with an unforgettable sending off as well as welcoming them back in the most memorable fashion as a way of showing its appreciation to its winning customers.
With just a minimum of RM1,000, every depositor has a chance to win Umrah and Hajj packages annually. This hassle-free contest is opened to all ages, both residents and non-residents. Each top-up of RM1,000 gives customers more chances to win prizes. Based on a multiplier system, the earlier a customer deposits, the higher their chances are to win.
i Zamzam account also has other benefits to facilitate one's travel to the Holy Land. Discounted Umrah packages, exclusive Hajj courses are amongst the benefits offered. The bank will continuously add on to i Zamzam's list of benefits in making one's travel to the Holy Land more comfortable.
For more info, visit Al Rajhi Bank’s website www.alrajhibank.com.my

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