26 May 2015 Al Rajhi Bank Launches Newest Medical Plan Underwritten By AIA Public Takaful
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Al Rajhi Bank launched its newest medical plan, i-Medic, which offers affordable and comprehensive medical and hospitalisation coverage for its customers. Underwritten by AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd. (AIA PUBLIC), i-Medic is designed to meet the needs of Malaysians who require affordable, flexible and family-oriented medical and hospitalisation coverage.
Al Rajhi Bank's Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Selamat Haji Sirat said, “The launch of i-Medic will enable Al Rajhi Bank to strengthen its bancatakaful products offering and create opportunity to expand its retail portfolio through new innovative financial solutions. Under the partnership, i-Medic will be promoted and marketed through Al Rajhi’s 24 branches nationwide. In return, Al Rajhi will benefit from AIA PUBLIC’s customer-centric sales approach, training, marketing and technology support. Besides AIA PUBLIC Takaful, Al Rajhi Bank has collaborated with Great Eastern Takaful to distribute i-Great Raudhah and i-Great Bakti.”
Elmie Aman Najas, Chief Executive Officer of AIA PUBLIC said, “This is another milestone achieved by AIA PUBLIC as we enter into a partnership to distribute advisory product with Al Rajhi Bank. This provides the opportunity for AIA PUBLIC to leverage Al Rajhi Bank’s distribution strength through its network of branches and representative offices nationwide. In addition, it is a strategic and innovative approach by AIA PUBLIC to extend its reach to new, potential bank based customers.”
i-Medic, which comes with a No Lifetime Limit feature, is designed to cover hospitalisation and surgical expenses due to sickness and accidental causes up to 99 years old. When a customer participates in this medical plan, the person will receive a medical card with a swipe feature that eases hospital admissions at AIA panel hospitals. Through its Family Plan feature, i-Medic offers its participants the option to extend the medical coverage to their spouse and children.
To give AIA customers more choice in meeting their protection needs, AIA PUBLIC applies the Takaful concept to develop Shariah solutions that offer similar features and benefits to AIA’s insurance products. 

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