15 Aug 2012 Al Rajhi Bank Ladies Painting Competition 2012 Winners
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Kuala Lumpur – Puan Safina Diana Binti Jamaludin walked away with SAR10,000 for being the grand prize winner of the Al Rajhi Bank Ladies Painting Competition 2012, while the runner-up, Cik Nadia binti Saad walked away with SAR5,000 for her artistic effort.

The Al Rajhi Bank Ladies Painting Competition opened itself to international participation from countries including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Malaysia for the first time in February this year. The competition, in its third year running, was first launched in 2010 in Saudi Arabia to promote the country’s art culture.

Puan Safina, the grand prize winner, never formally studied fine arts but through exposure to her many artistic companions, the 33-year-old managed to develop the skill and the creative sense required to be a great artist. Her oil paint and cotton canvas painting, which took 1 month to complete, was inspired by the beach in Pangkor Island. “I am truly honoured to have been given this recognition and hope there will be more great opportunities like this for female artists in the future,” the MBA student said.

Unlike the grand prize winner, Cik Nadia, 22, was formally educated in the fine arts. The runner-up, who first started painting in primary school, took 3 weeks to produce her oil pastel and canvas painting. She chose tropical fruits as the subject of her still life artwork. “I have always been interested in fine arts, so to be given this award is more than I could have asked for,” she beamed.
Over the last two years, the Al Rajhi Bank Ladies Painting Competition has attracted more than 5,000 paintings. Impressed by the outstanding talent and creativity of ladies residing in the region, and given its international expansion in the last two years, the Saudi-based Al Rajhi Bank, for 2012, decided to extend the competition to all markets it currently operates in.

Similar to previous years, entries were submitted online and were first shortlisted by Al Rajhi Bank’s panel of judges before being opened to the public for voting. A grand prize winner artist and four runner-ups were selected from each participating countries while five voters had a chance to win some prizes. Submission was opened between 15 February 2012 and 6 March 2012.

One grand prize winner with the highest number of votes was selected for each of KSA, Kuwait, Malaysia & Jordan and received SAR 10,000. One runner-up with the second highest number of votes from each of KSA, Kuwait, Jordan & Malaysia each received a prize worth SAR 5,000.

For more information, visit http://www.alrajhipainting.com.

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