04 Aug 2022 Updates on Terms and Conditions Version 2 and Product Disclosure Sheet Version 2 governing Gold-i
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Dear Valued Customers,
Effective 1st August 2022 (“Effective Date”), the Bank’s Gold-i Terms and Conditions will be updated to reflect the removal of its safe-keeping feature and clause(s) (e.g. safe-keeping fee) associated to it. The remainder of the changes made were to improve clarity and ease of understanding of the Terms and Conditions. The Gold-i Product Disclosure Sheet will also be updated accordingly to reflect such changes.
This update will only effect Gold Purchase (as defined in the Terms and Conditions Governing Gold-i) made from the Effective Date onwards. 
The following is a summary of the changes in bold for your convenience. We strongly recommend that you read and understand the updated documents as well.
1. Terms and Conditions v2 governing Gold-i version 2
2. Product Disclosure Sheet v2 governing Gold-i version 2
These updates are only applicable to new Gold-i transactions made on 01/08/2022 onwards.
Thank you.

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