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28 Jan 2019 TAC Fraud Awareness
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Dear Valued Customers,

TAC is one of the key security features while performing online banking transactions.

Please be vigilant on calls from people who try to impersonate a bank officer / authority officer / utility provider / people claiming that you owe an outstanding payment(s) / court’s penalty / you are suspected to be involved in fraudulent activities / your TAC was wrongly sent to their mobile numbers and request for you to confirm your mobile number.

Please do not reveal your TAC numbers and/or mobile number. Fraudsters usually attempt to obtain victim’s TAC numbers and/or mobile number to strike communication.

End the call and immediately report this incident to our 24-Hour Customer Care Consultants at +603 2332 6000.

If you are performing a banking transaction, always read the TAC messages, which are normally accompanied with the TAC number before taking any actions.

Should you need further clarification, please speak to our Customer Care Consultant at +603 2332 6000 or email us at

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