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12 Dec 2017 “Tipping” Feature for All Payment Cards
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“Tipping” is a sum of money customarily given by a customer to a service worker, in addition to the basic price. Today, card payment terminals at food and beverage outlets would display the amount that customers had to pay and may prompt on-screen if the cardholder wished to add a tip or gratuity.


A card payment terminal may prompt the cardholder to enter a tip amount. The cardholder has the option to skip this, if he or she chooses to not to leave a tip.


Customers who want to tip will need to enter the desired amount and proceed to the next step. The PIN entry screen will then show the total amount, including the tip, charged to the customer as shown below:

(image via


As a valued customer to Al Rajhi Bank, you are advised to follow the display prompts on terminal screen accordingly and check the message to ensure that the final amount displayed on the point-of-sales (POS) terminal screen is correct before keying in your Personal Identification Numbers (PIN). This is to ensure the amount that you are paying is correct and to avoid you from paying “extra charges”. 

Further information can be found at The Association of Banks in Malaysia’s (ABM) website:


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