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Mobile Banking

Unveiling of New alrajhi@24seven Mobile Banking App.

Seamless banking experience, anytime anywhere

Time is precious. More time for what matters to you and more ways to access your money. Which is why we designed our alrajhi@24seven mobile banking app into a powerful pocket tool that becomes a seamless service for you to bank the way you want, when and where you like.

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  • 24-hour access to Al Rajhi Bank accounts and services.
  • Convenience – anytime anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet, you can manage your financial transactions, banking accounts and stay in control of your finances.
  • No more long queues or lengthy waiting time – perform transfers and payments anytime between own accounts, within bank transfers and between financial institutions.
  • Paperless statement and receipt - view and download your e-statements and receipt anytime to your device. The good thing is you can even share your receipts with your beneficiary. By doing so, you're not only saving the trees and preserving the environment, but your personal information and financial activities become privatized for your own disclosure only.
  • Save time, save paper, subscribe to e-statement, never miss a bill payment and a lot more – thanks to multiple services available on alrajhi@24seven, your personal internet banking.
  • No more delay in bill payments – set your bill payments with recurring or future dated basis whenever you want at an instant.
  • Security – at Al Rajhi Bank, we take security very seriously and we use a range of security tools including encryption protection to keep your information safe.

Use alrajhi@24seven Mobile Banking App or mobile browser to check your banking account balances, pay your bills, transfer funds, and more.

No.  FEES TYPE Mobile Banking App Mobile Browser
1. Manage Your Account:
  a) Portfolio Services
  • View your banking Account(s) and facilities such as Term Deposit-i and Financing-i with Al Rajhi Bank.
  b) Account Services
  • Overview each banking Account(s), Account Summary, Account Statement and Transaction History, Cheque Book Request and E-Statement Enrolment
  c) Term Deposits-i Services
  • include view Deposit Details
  d) Setting Services
  • include Change Password, View/Update Personal Information, Change Secure Word and Modify Transaction Limits;
2. Transfers and Payments:
  a) Transfers Services

i. Transfer to Other Accounts:

  • Within Bank Transfer;
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG);  and
  • Instant Credit Transfer.
  ii. DuitNow Transfer;
  iii. Add a New Beneficiary
  iv. Manage Beneficiary,
  v. Scheduled Transfers; and
  vi. Manage Standing Instruction.
  b) Payments Services
  i. JomPAY services:
  • Add New Biller;
  • Pay Favourite Billers;
  • Pay Multiple Billers, and
  • Pay New Billers);
  ii. Direct Debit Mandate (View).
3. Manage Your Debit Card:
  a) Block Debit Card-i;
  b) Change Debit Card-i Limit;
  c) Set Debit Card-i Flag for Internet (Purchase) / Usage;
  d) Set International Usage of Card); and
  e) Set/Change Debit Card-i PIN;
4. Manage Your Financing-i:
  a) View your financing-i details;
5. Personalisation:
  a) Spruce up your profile by uploading a profile picture.



You are allowed to limit your transactions up to the maximum limit per day as follows:

Transaction Type Maximum Limit for Resident Maximum Limit for Non-Resident Desktop/Web internet Banking Mobile Banking App Mobile Browser

Bill Payments - JomPAY

RM50,000.00 RM10,000.00


RM50,000.00 RM10,000.00

Within Bank Accounts

RM50,000.00 RM10,000.00

Interbank GIRO (IBG) /
Instant Credit Transfer 
(Shared Limit)

RM50,000.00 RM10,000.00

Note: These limits of Transfers / Payments are shared between alrajhi@24seven personal internet and mobile banking.



1. alrajhi@24seven personal internet banking and mobile banking is available to Al Rajhi Bank account holders only. Terms and conditions apply.

2. Mobile Banking requires you to download the Mobile Banking App and is only available for selected smartphone devices. Data charges may be charged by your service network provider if the mobile app is downloaded.

3. alrajhi@24seven Mobile Banking App - get notified when a new version or update of our app is available. For critical updates, you may need to visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store that provides your mobile banking app device respectively.

4. Routine or unscheduled maintenance may impact accessibility. 

5. Interbank GIRO (IBG), JomPAY, Instant Credit Transfer and DuitNow and related marks and logos belong to Payment Networks Malaysia (PayNet).

6. The debit card program is issued and administered by Al Rajhi Banking and Investment & Corporation (Malaysia) Bhd under license from Visa Inc. VISA and VISA PLUS are registered trademark of Visa International Service Association and is used by the issuer pursuant to license form Visa U.S.A Inc.

7. Apple, the Apple logo, iphone and ipad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

8. Google Pay and Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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