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Link Current Account-i

Eligible for protection by PIDM
Link Current Account-<i>i</i>

Flexible Spendings, Flexible Returns

At Al Rajhi, we find ways to appreciate you every day. Our unique current account, for instance, lets you earn daily profit on all balances. You will receive a cheque book for all your transactions, on top of a Visa Debit enabled ATM card that is accepted worldwide. Ultimate cashless convenience is now yours to appreciate. On top of round-the-clock access to your cash at all our house ATM machines and those with the Visa Plus and/or MEPS signs.

Product Features
  • Initial Deposit:
    • RM3,000 (Individual)
    • RM5,000 (Non-individual)
  • Available in MYR only
  • Principal guaranteed and fixed profit upon maturity
  • Qard (Loan)
  • Commodity Murabahah (Cost plus Profit)
  • Wakalah bil Ujrah (Agency with Fee)
  • Aged 18 years and above
  • Joint : Maximum 2 Persons
  • Non-profit organisation, sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited and public listed company.
  • 24-Hours access to Al Rajhi Bank ATMs and ATMs displaying VISA PLUS and/or MEPS signs
  • A VISA Debit enabled ATM Card accepted for retail purchase at 35 million retail outlets worldwide
  • Choice of monthly / quarterly / half-yearly or annual e-statements
  • Eligible for protecton by PIDM (up to RM250,000 per customer)
  • In compliance with Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) Shariah standards

Fees & Charges

Minimum Amount to Open Account RM3,000.00 (Individual)
RM5,000.00 (Non-Individual)
Minimum Balance to Maintain NIL
Service Fee NIL
Cheque Book Issuance
Stamp Duty
RM0.15 per cheque leaf
Stop Payment Of Cheque Issued
Instruction to stop payment
RM15.90 per instruction
Cheque Returned Charges
Due to Insufficient Balance
Due to Technical Reasons
RM 106.00 per cheque
RM 10.60 per cheque
Half Yearly Service Charge – Qard CA
(if Average Balance for Half- Year is Less Than RM1,000)
RM 10.60
Request for Audit Confirmation RM 53.00
Request For Account Statement  
Within 1 Year (per statement) RM 10.60
More Than 1 Year (per statement) RM 21.20
Dormant Account (an advice is sent to customer advising customer to re-activate account)  
a) With balances up to RM10 Account will be closed and the balance absorbed by the Bank as fee income
b) With balances greater than RM10 An annual service of RM10.60 will be charged until the remaining account balances are transferred to Unclaimed Monies; at any stage if the balance is equal to RM10 or less, the account will be closed and the outstanding amount will be absorbed by the Bank as fee income.
c) Activation of dormant account Waived
Cheque Book Courier Charges RM 5.30
Request for Cheque Images a. Less than 6 months
b. 6 months and above
- RM 21.20 per cheque image
Agency Fee* 0.01% (to be taken from the Agency Fee fund)

* The customer will pay to Al Rajhi Nominee (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd as its agent as stated in the Terms & Conditions. This is only applicable to Link Current Account-i and Link Savings Account-i.Fees are inclusive of GST 6% charges.