Real Gold, Real Value

All investment into physical Gold will allow you to create and preserve your wealth from time to time. Gold has been proven to be able to protect the real value of monies for centuries.

With Al Rajhi, you can invest into fine gold to safeguard your investment especially during economic uncertainty. Al Rajhi Gold-i complies with recognised Shariah rule in trading.


Al Rajhi Gold-i is now available at Nationwide Branches


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4 Reasons To Invest
  • Real precious metal
  • Easy buy & sell
  • Asset diversification
  • Long term store of value
  • Convert to cash immediately when you trade your gold with us
  • Safe custody for peace of mind
  • Protection with Takaful
  • Individual account holder / joint account holders (resident and non-resident) aged 18 years and above.
  • Non individual account holder.
  • Minimum Purchase is 10 grams. Additional purchase is at multiples of 5 grams

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