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Structured Home Financing-i (Properties Under Construction)

So now, you have found the home that meets your every criteria, a dream abode built by a reputable developer. What is your next move? Financing. Al Rajhi Structured Home Financing-i offers you attractive packages tailored to your needs. Enjoy competitive rates for a flexible financing period of up to 35 years. Here's to a permanent place you can finally call home.
Type of Property
Properties Under Construction
Available Packages
- Acquisition
- Structured Rates
Competitive profit rates
Current BR = 4.10%
High margin of financing
Flexible tenures of up to 35 years
Comprehensive Takaful coverage provided
Internationally accepted Shariah compliant
Let's Connect
- Malaysian
- Individual aged 21 years & up to age of 65 years
Basic Requirements
- Employed:
  • Photocopy of IC/Identification document
  • Latest 3 months salary slip
  • Latest 3 months bank statement
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement/ Booking receipt
- Self Employed:
  • Photocopy of IC/ Identification document
  • Latest 6 months salary slip
  • Business registration/ Form D/ MNA/ Form 24/ Form 49 etc
  • Copy of Income Tax & proof of tax payment
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement/ Booking receipt
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Did You Know?
Approved by Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) Shariah Committee Ruling no: 53