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Personal Financing-i

Thinking of buying expensive equipment for your home or perhaps investing in that grandpiano you've been eyeing? Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i helps you afford your desired merchandise. With a high trade limit of up to 5 times your monthly salary or RM150,000 (whichever is lower), you may purchase the item from the bank on a deferred payment basis, and settle your balance in full anytime you can afford it. Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i will even come to your home or office to process your financing applications for you. No documentation hassles. Just what you need when you want it.
Basic Requirements
Minimum age: 25 years old
Minimum gross income : RM4,500* & above
*Subject to minimum annual income of RM60,000 & fixed income earner only
High trade limit up to 5 or 8 times your monthly income or RM150,000 whichever is lower
Longer financing tenure of up to 7 years
No guarantor
In compliance with Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) Shariah standard
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Under Al Rajhi Bank’s Personal Financing procedure, the Bank will offer for sale to the Customer, a set of commodity which is equivalent in value to the amount of his personal financing at a deferred price. The Customer may then sell the commodity to a third party for the purpose of obtaining cash for his personal use. The contract of sale of the commodity between the Bank and the Customer is based on the Islamic contract of Bai’ Bi Thaman Ajil or Sale on Deferred Price (by instalments).
Step 1 Fax or email your NRIC, Military ID or Police ID and the Personal Financing-i application form to Al Rajhi Bank
Fax No: 03-23326057
Step 2 Our staff will contact you.
Personal Financing-i Application Form
Product Disclosure Sheet
Agreement Terms
Client Charter for Product
Did You Know?
Balance Transfer Program
Approved by Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) Shariah Committee Ruling no: 5