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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How do I subscribe for AL Rajhi SMS Banking service?

To subscribe, just visit any Automated Teller Machines (ATM) of Al Rajhi Bank. Go to the “Others” menu, select “SMS Banking PIN Request” and proceed as instructed. Upon completion, you will receive a temporary SMS Banking PIN on your ATM slip.

Another method to subscribe is via . Click on "Subscribe to SMS Banking" and registeryour mobile phone number through the steps provided.

Further instructions to assist you in the subscription process will be delivered via SMS to your registered mobile phone number. Please note that only numbers registered with Malaysian mobile operators are accepted for Al Rajhi SMS Banking service (all except 018).

2.   How do I know if transacting through SMS Banking is secure?

Each transaction requires a permanent 6-digit PIN that is user defined at the point of activation. This PIN is your password and must be kept confidential at all times.

Furthermore, your SMS Banking profile is tied to your registered mobile phone number.

Both your PIN and mobile phone number act in tandem to protect against access by unauthorized parties.

Every SMS message that you send to Al Rajhi Bank will bear your PIN. So, we strongly advise that you delete your message from your “Sent Messages” folder immediately.

3.   Who are eligible for SMS Banking?

Account holders of Al Rajhi Bank ATM/Debit cards are eligible. However, this service is currently not available for joint-accounts.

4.   What mobile phones are compatible for using this service?

You will be able to access this service via any mobile phone that supports SMS capability.

5.   What are the charges applicable for this service?

Al Rajhi Bank does not charge customers for subscribing to this service. You will only be subject to charges by your mobile operator as follows:-
standard SMS charges for every request sent to Al Rajhi Bank at 32600
30 sen for every SMS response that Al Rajhi Bank sends to you

6.   What are the functions available?

Primary functions include:-
  1. Balance Enquiry (for Current, Savings, Fixed Investment and Charge Card)
  2. Transaction History (for Current, Savings, Fixed Investment and Charge Card)
  3. Top Up Prepaid Mobile, IDD / STD and Internet access
  4. Fund Transfer between Own Accounts at Al Rajhi Bank
  5. Payment for own Charge Card
  6. Issued Cheque Status Enquiry
  7. Stop Cheque
  8. Cheque Book Request
  9. Language Options
  10. Account Nickname Options
  11. Reduce Daily Prepaid Top Up Limit

7.   How do I access these functions?

Primary functions include:-

Firstly, please ensure that you have activated your SMS Banking service. Next, send an SMS request to Al Rajhi SMS Banking service short code 32600.

As an illustration, your SMS request for a balance enquiry on your Current Account-i of which the account number is XXXXXX1234, should be as follows:-


as in BAL abc345 1234

A sample response that you will receive from Al Rajhi Bank will be as follows:-

RM0.30: Al Rajhi. Available balance for a/c 1234 is RM18000. Customer Care: 1300826000.

For further assistance, you may contact our Customer Care Consultants at 1300 82 6000

8.   I have received a response from the bank in two messages. Will I be charged for the second message?

Some responses may not be sufficiently displayed in one message due to the limited number of characters supported by SMS. However, the Bank will absorb the cost of the second SMS.

9.   Can I subscribe to this service if I am sharing the mobile phone with my spouse/partner?

We strongly discourage you from subscribing if you are sharing your mobile phone as you will be receiving information on your accounts on the mobile phone.

10. Can I still continue to use SMS Banking services if I change my mobile phone number?

You will have to re-register at the ATM if this happens, as your SMS Banking profile would still be tied to your previous registered mobile phone number.

11. What are the benefits of performing a prepaid top up via SMS Banking?

You can perform a top up without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Besides, you are spoilt for choice with the wide range of products (subject to change from time to time) that we have available, comprising mobile prepaid products, IDD/ STD and internet access top ups. You can only expect more products in the future. Most of all, you incur no additional charge other than 30 sen for every SMS that is sent by the Bank in response to your request. This means if you make a RM10 top up from your current or savings account, you will receive the full RM10 value for your use.

12. What are the prepaid products available on SMS Banking?

Our prepaid top up products range from Celcom (pin or e-top up), DiGi, Maxis, iTalk, RedTone to TMNet. You may top up from the lowest denomination of RM10 up to RM200. Click here for the full list of products available.

13. How do PIN and PIN-LESS (electronic) top ups differ?

Top ups with PIN come in a long series of numbers. Typically, you activate this PIN for your own use or alternatively, you may forward it to your friends or family for their use. However, the value of pin-less (or electronic) top ups are credited immediately to a specified mobile phone number without requiring the use of any PINs. In this case, should you fail to specify a mobile number in your SMS instruction to the Bank, the top up will be automatically made to your mobile phone.

14. How can I make a prepaid top up via SMS Banking?

For pin top ups
Just type TUP PIN Product Code and send via SMS to short code 32600.

As an illustration, your SMS request to top up Maxis Hotlink for RM10 would be:

TUP abc123 Maxis10

A sample response you will receive from Al Rajhi Bank will be:

RM0.30 Al Rajhi. Maxis10 top-up PIN 123456789. A/C 1234 debited. Serial no 123456123456. CustomerCare: 1300826000

For electronic (or pin-less) top ups

Send TUP PIN Product Code Mobile Number to short code 32600.

As an illustration, your SMS request to top up Celcom Airtime for RM10 would be as follows:
TUP abc123 CC10e 019xxxxxxx

A sample response you will receive from Al Rajhi Bank will be:

RM0.30 Al Rajhi. Successful CC10e topup to 6019xxxxxxx. A/C 1234 debited. Serial no 123456123456. CustomerCare: 1300826000

15. Can I make a prepaid top up for another telco’s subscriber?

If for example, you are currently a Celcom subscriber and you wish to make a Maxis Hotlink top up for your sister, you may choose to do either:-
  1. pin top up where you will receive a PIN from Maxis which you then forward to your sister’s mobile phone OR
  2. pin-less top up whereby you specify your sister’s mobile number in your top up (TUP…) instruction to Al Rajhi Bank

16. Can I get a refund for a successful prepaid top up?

Al Rajhi Bank will effect a refund only for PIN that cannot be activated for whatever reasons.
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