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Money Transfer i-Tahweel

Money Transfer <i>i</i>-Tahweel


One day is all you need to transfer money to your loved ones overseas. Be it to pay for your child's school fees, to support a relative overseas, or to send bill payments, you can rely on on our efficient remittance service to send your money over, quickly, safely and affordably.

  • Available at all Al Rajhi Bank branches
  • Fast: Same day delivery*
  • Safe
  • Enjoy low sending fee and best foreign exchange rates in town
  • Multiple payout options for Benificiary in receiving country
  • Maximum sent amount up to RM10,000 per customer per day.
  • Register your particulars once, minimal form filling on 2nd transaction
  • Convenient: Selected outlets open 7 days a week
  • Step 1 Visit any of our Al Rajhi Bank branches.
    Note: Selected outlets are open 7 days a week.
    For more details, call Remittance Department at +603-2301 7000 ext 7141 and 7292.
  • Step 2 Register your particulars and your beneficiary once.
  • Step 3 Once a money transfer is done, you will be given a receipt which you should sign upon and keep as evidence of transaction.

i-Tahweel service is available at the following corridor countries:





- Fee is RM10 flat for amount up to RM10,000
- Transfer to all bank accounts in Indonesia
- Receive cash at more than 12,800 outlets in Indonesia
- Free notification to beneficiary for cash payout*
- Speed, same day delivery every day, Mon - Sun (For credit to account, applicable for 48 banks in Indonesia)

* Applicable if money is collected at BCA outlets





- Fee is RM15 flat for amount up to RM10,000
- No additional deduction in Nepal*
- Free SMS Notification for remitter and beneficiary*
- Wide network coverage. More than 1,000 cash payout outlets in Nepal
- Transfer to all bank accounts in Nepal
- Speed, same day delivery

* Applicable to Cash Payout in Nepal





- Fee is RM15 flat for amount up to RM10,000    
- No additional deduction in Philippines*    
- Payout methods available in Philippines:    
- Speed, same day delivery    
    •    Cash Payout at M Lhuillier outlets. Selected outlets are open 24 hours
    •    Credit to Banco de Oro account
    •    Credit to Land Bank account
    •    Send to Land Bank OFW (Original Foreign Worker) Card
* Not applicable for transfer to other bank accounts (other than Banco de Oro account and Land Bank account)




- Fee is RM12 flat for amount up to RM10,000    
- Full amount to beneficiary. No additional deduction in Bangladesh    
- Cash payout (Spot Cash) at all Islamic Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) branches    
- Send to IBBL account is available    
- Speed, same day delivery*    

* Applicable from Sunday to Thursday. Selected branches are open on Saturday till 2pm

Rates & Charges

Transaction* originating from Al Rajhi branches, Tahweel Center, Authorized Remittance Agents:  
1. Sending Money to Indonesia
- Credit to account
- Cash payout
RM 10.60
RM 10.60
2. Sending Money to Nepal
- Credit to account
- Cash payout
3. Sending Money to Philippines
- Credit to LBP account
- Credit to BDO account
- Cash payout
- LBP OFW Cash Card
RM 15.90
RM 15.90
RM 15.90
RM 15.90
4. Sending Money to Bangladesh
- Credit to IBBL account 
- Cash payout

*Max amount allowed is RM10,000 per day
RM 12.72
RM 12.72
Cancellation Sending fee will not be refunded
Stop Payment Request (After transaction has been processed) RM 31.80 per request
Investigation Request (After to 6 Months) RM 53.00 per request
Investigation Request (Prior to 6 Months) RM 0.00 per request
Card Replacement RM2.12 per replacement