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Interbank GIRO (IBG)
Now, with just a click of a button, you can easily manage your internet banking with our conveniently flexible, hassle free, online Interbank GIRO (IBG) services. Anytime, anywhere.

Our alrajhi@24seven Interbank GIRO (IBG) services offer 2 types of transactions:

        -  Incoming Transactions: Al Rajhi Bank accepts all transactions (be it from Islamic or Non-Islamic Banks)

        -  Outgoing Transactions: Al Rajhi Bank accepts only Islamic Transactions based on Shariah Ruling No. 81; please ensure that

            you have read and understood the T&C acknowledgement and instruction screen before commencing with your online IBG             transaction.  

Handling Charges
Basic Account (Qard)* RM0.11 per transaction
Non-Basic Account (Mudharabah)
RM0.11 per transaction
* Fees inclusive of GST 6% charges for both Basic Banking and Non-Basic Banking holders. The fees charged will be reset on the 1st of every month.
Daily Transactional Limit:

For your security, your transaction limit is defaulted to MYR3,000 per day, although you are technically allowed to transfer funds up to

MYR10,000 (Effective 27 April 2013). To customize your own transaction limit, please go to “Change Limit”. To know more on how the limit works, please go to “Daily Transaction Limits Features Works”.

Transactional Hours:

Faster Availability of Funds (alrajhi@24seven & Al Rajhi Bank Counter)


Payment initiated by Customers

*Funds Received by Beneficiaries
Business Days
(Monday – Friday)
Before 6:00am Same Business Day By 11:00am
6:01am to 9:00am By 2:00pm
9:01am to 12:00pm By 5:00pm
12:01pm to 3:00am By 8:20pm
3:01pm to 6:00am By 11:00pm
After 6:00pm Next Business Day By 11:00am
Non Business Days
(Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Territory Public Holidays)
Next Business Day By 11:00am
*Under normal circumstances
  • Applicable for all IBG payments and funds transfer to current accounts and savings accounts.
  • Kindly check the type of Accounts accepted by MyClear participating banks. Please ensure that you enter the correct account number and should you have any doubt, please confirm with the Beneficiary Bank.
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