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Corporate Social Responsibility
Al Rajhi Bank embarked on a journey to touch the lives of the underprivileged community in Chow Kit through impacting children. Our Al Rajhi Bank Baitul Amal Corporate Social Responsibility Programme provides young children from the surrounding community with a fully equipped day care facility, and we also provide a safehome which houses children who are in need of protection. We further facilitate an outreach programme to increase awareness of parents of these underprivileged children on the importance of education and family support stemming from a holistic approach of childcare, which begins at home.

The location of the day care centre was selected to maximize impact in one of the high-risk and deprived neighbourhoods in Malaysia. Taska Baitul Amal which was officially launched in July 2010 houses children from zero to four years of age. In July 2011, Pusat Jagaan Baitul Amal was opened to cater to children from five to eleven years of age. We hope that the two centres in Chow kit will become a beacon of hope for the community. In the longer term, we aim to set up more centres in other locations throughout the nation.

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