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1) What is alrajhi@24seven?

alrajhi@24seven is Al Rajhi Bank’s secured internet banking service that is open to all customers who have an ATM/ Debit Card. At this portal, customers get to view their account details and perform a host of banking transactions online – in complete privacy and within the comfort of their home or office.

2) How do I register for alrajhi@24seven?

Just visit any of our ATMs and request for a temporary internet banking PIN. Then visit, click on “First Time Login” and proceed to insert your Customer Information Code (CIC) and temporary internet banking PIN.

3) Is there any subscription charge for alrajhi@24seven?

No subscription fee is charged by Al Rajhi Bank.

4) What are the services available in alrajhi@24seven?

The primary services currently available are:

  • Deposit account and charge card details.
  • Fund transfer.
  • Cheque status enquiry, stop cheque and cheque book request.
  • Electronic statements for the past 3 months.
  • Place and uplift fixed term investment accounts online.

As we continuously strive to serve our customers better, we will add on more features in the near future such as bill payments, prepaid top up, local interbank remittances, foreign remittance (telegraphic transfer) and many more.

5) How secure is alrajhi@24seven?

Al Rajhi Bank is strongly committed to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We employ the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption (currently the industry highest standard) to secure your login and every transaction done via alrajhi@24seven. 128-bit SSL ensures transaction privacy, data integrity and all passwords are encrypted end-to-end from the browser to Al Rajhi Bank system.

As an additional security feature, alrajhi@24seven will automatically log off your session if you leave your browser idle for more than 10 minutes.


User ID & Password
6) What precautions can I take to protect my Password?

Some advice and tips to ensure your password is safe at all times:

  1. Ensure your chosen password cannot be guessed easily.
  2. Do not tell anyone your password/ PIN and refrain from writing it down. Memorize it.
  3. Always logout properly when you finish your financial transactions.
  4. Avoid using a public terminal, i.e. cyber café to access alrajhi@24seven.
  5. Clear browser cache and history after each logout session and avoid saving or storing your password when using Internet browsers.
7) Why am I unable to login?

You could have entered the wrong User ID and/or password. Take note that your User ID and password are case sensitive and alphanumeric. It could also be that your access has been denied after 6 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to login.

8) What should I do when my access to alrajhi@24seven is eventually denied or blocked after consecutive unsuccessful attempts?

Go to the nearest ATM and request for a temporary internet banking PIN. Thereafter, login as first time with the temporary PIN shown on your ATM slip.

9) I forgot my User ID and password.

"My Security Questions" section provides a convenient way to manage your forgotten User ID and password. You must answer 3 personal questions and must remember your exact responses. Whenever you click on the “Forgot User ID” or “Forgot Password” link, you will be required to respond to the secret questions accurately before you can obtain a new User ID/password. Alternatively, you can always visit the nearest ATM to request for a temporary PIN.

10) How frequent should I change my password?

For security reasons, we encourage you to change your password every 90 days or whenever you believe that your password is compromised.

11) If I have a joint account with Al Rajhi Bank, do I have to share my User ID and password?

Each account holder can view details of the joint account through his individual login access. However, transactional access for the joint account is restricted.

For example, you can transfer funds into your joint account but not allowed to make debit transactions from your joint account unless prior approval has been granted by the Bank.

If you wish to request for such an approval, make an "Enable Debit" request at alrajhi@24seven.

12) I lost my ATM receipt with the temporary PIN on it. How can I ensure my PIN is not compromised?

Obtain a new PIN immediately.

13) I suspect fraudulent and illegal transactions done on my account. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Care Consultants at 1300 82 6000 immediately.


14) What is a TAC?

TAC is an acronym for “Transaction Authorisation Code” and is generated by the system upon request. It is provided via SMS to your registered mobile phone and is valid for a single utilisation only.

15) Why is TAC necessary?

TAC is compulsory for specific transactions because it provides an additional layer of security to protect you from unauthorised online transactions in your account.

16) How long does it take to receive a TAC via SMS?

The delivery time depends on the traffic volume of your mobile service provider but it normally should not take more than a minute.

17) How do I change the registered mobile phone number for TAC?

Visit our nearest branch to record the change in your mobile phone number.

18) Is there any charge incurred for TAC received via SMS?

No, there is no charge to the customer.


My Account
Individual Account/ Joint Account
19) How many accounts can I view via alrajhi@24seven?

Upon registration for alrajhi@24seven, the accounts that are linked to your Customer Information Code (CIC) will be automatically displayed. Joint accounts, if any, are also made available to you via alrajhi@24seven.

Financing accounts will be made available to you soon.

20) What can I do with my account via alrajhi@24seven?

You can view up to date transaction details of your account, download or print as you wish. This means you no longer have to wait for paper statements to arrive.

21) Can I perform transactions on my joint account?

By default, you are only able to view details and transactions of your joint account and transfer funds into your joint account online.

Transfer of monies/ payment out of your joint account via internet banking is not allowed without prior approval. To send in your request to the Bank, please click on “Enable Debit” button and we will endeavour to process your request as soon as possible.

22) What is Enable and Disable Debit for a joint account?

Enable Debit "" means that transactional access, including debit transaction is allowed from your joint account and via versa for Disable Debit "".

23) How do I “Enable Debit” for my joint account?

Click on the “Enable Debit” button in the joint account details page. Then select the joint account and submit. Upon receiving your request, the Bank will verify against your written mandate. If there is no discrepancy, the Bank will approve your request within 24 hours.

However, if the account's mandate is "both to sign", you will be informed to execute a separate written mandate for internet banking purposes.

Please take note that the Bank shall reserve the ultimate right to accept or reject your request.

24) Can I "disable" my joint account for debit transactions via alrajhi@24seven?

Yes, you can do so by clicking on “Disable Debit” button and submit. Your request will be processed and approved within 24 hours. After your joint account is “disabled” for debit transactions, you may only do credit transactions with your joint account.

Fixed Term Investment Account-i
25) How do I place my Fixed Term Investment Account-i online?

Go to "FTIA Placement", specify the account from which to debit, investment amount, investment period and renewal instruction.

The system will automatically select the closest Investment Fund start date for you.

26) How many Fixed Term Investments can I place online?

You can make as many investments as you like provided you have sufficient funds in your Savings Account/ Current Account.

27) What is the minimum initial deposit for fixed term investment?

You can enjoy a minimum investment amount from as low as MYR500 for tenures longer than 1 month i.e. 3, 6 and 12 months. For 1 month tenure, the minimum investment amount is MYR1,000.

28) Will I be able to view details of my Fixed Term Investment which I placed at the branch?

Yes. All Fixed Term Investment Account-i are made available in alrajhi@24seven, irrespective of whether it is placed at the branch or online.

29) Why does my Fixed Term Investment not commence on the day I placed it?

The date you placed your investment is the Placement Date. If the Placement Date does not fall on the Investment Fund start date, the investment will only commence when the next Investment Fund date arrives.

30) What is Investment Funds 1, 2, 3 and 4?

Our Fixed Term Investment Account-i is unique in that it has four (4) different start dates in any month. Investment Funds 1, 2, 3 and 4 usually commences on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 23rd of every month (although these dates could change in some months).

31) When can I uplift my Fixed Term Investment?

You may uplift your Fixed Term Investment a day after the maturity date. You are not allowed to uplift your investment before or on maturity.

32) Can I credit the investment amount and profit to a third party account after maturity?

No. Investment amounts can be credited to first party accounts only.

Charge Card-i
33) What is Al Rajhi Charge Card-i ?

Al Rajhi Charge Card-i is a card based on Islamic Law and the Shariah principle of Qard (loan basis). You may use it for everyday spending at millions of Visa accepted locations worldwide (at establishments supplying Halal goods and/or services), and later pay the Bank in full on the due date. There is no interest charged, so you avoid the compounding effect on your outstanding balance.

34) What information can I obtain on charge card-i in alrajhi@24seven?

You will be able to view all your card details and transactions (principal and supplementary cards) posted to date. This means greater convenience when you can view recently posted transactions without having to wait for your next monthly statement to arrive by post.

35) As a supplementary cardholder, can I view my charge card-i transactions via alrajhi@24seven?

No, you may not be able to view details of your card transactions via your internet banking access but you may refer to your principal cardholder.

36) What other charge card-i related services can I enjoy in alrajhi@24seven?

Besides viewing card transactions online, you can also make payments on your card and third party Al Rajhi charge cards. You may also choose to register to receive subsequent card statements electronically. We store up to 3 months of card statements in your internet banking service.

37) What do I need to know when I make card payments via alrajhi@24seven?
  1. Card payments are effected on an immediate basis online.
  2. You are advised to pay outstanding balances on the due date. However in the event that you decide to pay after the due date, you may still do so online but not in excess of the given 90 day grace period, after which your Card will be automatically cancelled. 
  3. For third party card payments, internet banking will verify the card number against the cardholder’s name. And for your added security, a TAC is also mandatory if the said third party card belongs to an entirely new beneficiary.   

Fund Transfer
38) What account can I transfer funds to?

Currently, you are able to transfer funds between your own accounts or to 3rd party accounts within Al Rajhi Bank only.

Soon, the local interbank fund transfer and foreign remittance (telegraphic transfer) will be made available in alrajhi@24seven.

39) What are the charges for fund transfer to other accounts in Al Rajhi Bank?

This service is provided free of charge.

40) What is the transaction limit for fund transfer via alrajhi@24seven?

The default limit for fund transfer to other Al Rajhi Bank account is MYR3,000 daily. However, you may increase the limit to a maximum of MYR5,000 or decrease to MYR0. For the purpose of limits, fund transfer to other Al Rajhi Bank account includes your joint account.

41) What is a future dated and recurring fund transfer?

You can schedule transfers in advance to take place on a specific future date. You can also set the fund transfer to repeat for a certain number of times in the future. The system will process the transaction on the specified date at 11.00pm.

Please ensure there is sufficient funds in your account on intended date of transfer.

42) What is a pending transaction?

Pending transactions are future dated and recurring transactions that have yet to be executed. As these transactions have yet to take place, you may cancel them prior to the scheduled dates.

43) How many beneficiaries can I maintain?

You can maintain as many beneficiaries as you wish but please ensure that your beneficiaries’ details are updated from time to time.


Cheque Management
44) What are the benefits of the Cheque Management feature?

This feature allows you to enquire the status of your issued cheque, issue an immediate stop cheque instruction and request for cheque book(s) online.

45) How do I check the status of an issued cheque?

Go to Cheque Status Enquiry, specify the current account number and cheque number(s). Click Submit to view the result.

46) How do I stop a cheque online?

In Stop Cheque page, select the account number and enter the cheque number you wish to stop. Please note that handling fees of MYR15.00 per instruction shall apply.

47) Can I order new cheque books online?

Sure. With Cheque Book Request feature, you can request up to 3 cheque books of 50 leaves each at any one time with instructions to either collect at branch after 3 business days or receive by post.

Please note that a stamp duty of MYR7.50 per book (MYR0.15 per cheque leaf) will be debited from your Current Account. If you choose to receive your cheque books by post, an added courier charge of MYR5.00 shall apply for deliveries within Malaysia.


My e-Statements
48) What is e-Statements?

e-Statement is a PDF document that resembles your physical statement. It is delivered to you electronically, via internet banking and/or email. No more worries of misplacing your statement or extra charges when you request for a reprint of your physical copy.

If you choose to receive e-Statements, please note that we will stop sending you physical statements beginning from the next statement cycle.

49) Is there any fee charged for e-Statements?

This feature is provided free of charge.

50) Do I need additional software to view e-Statements?

Yes. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view your e-Statements. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not have it in your PC.

51) How many months’ statements will be available in alrajhi@24seven?

We store the latest 3 months of your e-Statements. If you wish to keep older statements, you can download and save them in your PC before it is removed from the system.

52) Will I be able to view my joint account statement online?

Yes. You can subscribe to e-Statements for your joint account(s).

53) Can I cancel my subscription of e-Statements?

Yes. From your e-Statements List, select the account that you wish to discontinue for e-Statements and click "Unsubscribe".


SMS Banking
54) How do I subscribe for Al Rajhi SMS Banking services?

To subscribe, just visit any Automated Teller Machines (ATM) of Al Rajhi Bank. Go to the “Others” menu, select “SMS Banking PIN Request” and proceed as instructed. Upon completion, you will receive a temporary SMS Banking PIN on your ATM slip.

Another method to subscribe is via alrajhi@24seven. Click on “Subscribe to SMS Banking” and register your mobile phone number through the steps provided.

Further instructions to assist you in the subscription process will be delivered via SMS to your registered mobile phone number. Please note that only numbers registered with Malaysian mobile operators are accepted for Al Rajhi SMS Banking service (all except 018).

55) How do I know if transacting through SMS Banking is secure?

Each transaction requires a permanent 6-digit PIN that is user defined at the point of activation. This PIN is your password and must be kept confidential at all times.

Furthermore, your SMS Banking profile is tied to your registered mobile phone number.

Both your PIN and mobile phone number act in tandem to protect against access by unauthorized parties.

Every SMS message that you send to Al Rajhi Bank will bear your PIN. So, we strongly advise that you delete your message from your “Sent Messages” folder immediately.

56) Who are eligible for SMS Banking?

Account holders of Al Rajhi Bank ATM/Debit cards are eligible. However, this service is currently not available for joint-accounts.

57) What mobile phones are compatible for using this service?

You will be able to access this service via any mobile phone that supports SMS capability.

58) What are the charges applicable for this service?
  Al Rajhi Bank does not charge customers for subscribing to this service. You will only be subject to charges by your mobile operator as follows:-
  • standard SMS charges for every request sent to Al Rajhi Bank at 32600.
  • 30 sen for every SMS response that Al Rajhi Bank sends to you.
59) What are the functions available?

Primary functions include:-
i. Balance Enquiry (for Current, Savings and Fixed Investment)
ii. Transaction History (for Current, Savings and Fixed Investment)
iii. Fund Transfer between Own Accounts at Al Rajhi Bank
iv. Issued Cheque Status Enquiry
v. Stop Cheque
vi. Language Options
vii. Account Nickname Options
viii. Mobile Prepaid/ IDD/ STD Top Up
ix. Reduce Daily Prepaid Top Up Limit

60) How do I access these functions?

Firstly, please ensure that you have activated your SMS Banking service.

Next, send an SMS request to Al Rajhi SMS Banking service short code 32600.

As an illustration, your SMS request for a balance enquiry on your Current Account-i of which the account number is XXXXXX1234, should be as follows:-


as in BAL abc345 1234

A sample response that you will receive from Al Rajhi Bank will be as follows:-
RM0.30: Al Rajhi. Available balance for a/c 1234 is RM18000. Customer Care: 1300826000.

For further assistance, you may contact our Customer Care Consultants at 1300 82 6000.

61) I have received a response from the bank in two messages. Will I be charged for the second message?

Some responses may not be sufficiently displayed in one message due to the limited number of characters supported by SMS. However, the Bank will absorb the cost of the second SMS.

62) Can I subscribe to this service if I am sharing the mobile phone with my spouse/partner?

We strongly discourage you from subscribing if you are sharing your mobile phone as you will be receiving information on your accounts on the mobile phone



63) Can I still continue to use SMS Banking services if I change my mobile phone number?

You will have to re-register at the ATM if this happens, as your SMS Banking profile would still be tied to your previous registered mobile phone number.

64) What are the benefits of performing a prepaid top up via SMS Banking?

You can perform a top up without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Besides, you are spoilt for choice with the wide range of products (subject to change from time to time) that we have available, comprising mobile prepaid products, IDD/ STD and internet access top ups. You can only expect more products in the future. Most of all, you incur no additional charge other than 30 sen for every SMS that is sent by the Bank in response to your request. This means if you make a RM10 top up from your current or savings account, you will receive the full RM10 value for your use.

65) What are the prepaid products available on SMS Banking?

Our prepaid top up products range from Celcom (pin or e-top up), DiGi, Maxis, iTalk, RedTone to TMNet. You may top up from the lowest denomination of RM10 up to RM200. Click here for the full list of products available.

66) How do PIN and PIN-LESS (electronic) top ups differ?

Top ups with PIN come in a long series of numbers. Typically, you activate this PIN for your own use or alternatively, you may forward it to your friends or family for their use. However, the value of pin-less (or electronic) top ups are credited immediately to a specified mobile phone number without requiring the use of any PINs. In this case, should you fail to specify a mobile number in your SMS instruction to the Bank, the top up will be automatically made to your mobile phone.

67) How can I make a prepaid top up via SMS Banking?

For pin top ups

Just type TUP<space>PIN<space>Product Code and send via SMS to short code 32600.

As an illustration, your SMS request to top up Maxis Hotlink for RM10 would be:


A sample response you will receive from Al Rajhi Bank will be:

RM0.30 Al Rajhi. Maxis10 top-up PIN 123456789. A/C 1234 debited. Serial no 123456123456. CustomerCare: 1300826000

For electronic (or pin-less) top ups

Send TUP<space>PIN<space>Product Code<space>Mobile Number to short code 32600.

As an illustration, your SMS request to top up Celcom Airtime for RM10 would be as follows:


A sample response you will receive from Al Rajhi Bank will be:

RM0.30 Al Rajhi. Successful CC10e topup to 6019xxxxxxx. A/C 1234 debited. Serial no 123456123456. CustomerCare: 1300826000

68) Can I make a prepaid top up for another telco’s subscriber?

If for example, you are currently a Celcom subscriber and you wish to make a Maxis Hotlink top up for your sister, you may choose to do either a –
a. pin top up where you will receive a PIN from Maxis which you then forward to your sister’s mobile phone OR
b. pin-less top up whereby you specify your sister’s mobile number in your top up (TUP…) instruction to Al Rajhi Bank

69) Can I get a refund for a successful prepaid top up (PIN)?

Al Rajhi Bank will effect a refund only for a PIN that cannot be activated for whatever reasons.

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