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Arrive at Financial Freedom
Zainu Shaha Bin Mohd Arif, 37
Al Rajhi Staff/AFF Member
Sg. Buloh, Selangor

I can't thank Al Rajhi enough for sharing with us the unlimited reward through AFF Programme not only to customer but also to the staff. The rewards I get every month are also sufficient to reduce my monthly financing obligation. This programme really work and I strongly recommend to all to JOIN, REFER & ENJOY the rewards!
Mohd. Hermi Bin Jamari, 30
Al Rajhi Staff/AFF Member
Kajang, Selangor

I want to thank Al Rajhi for giving me the best deals in rewarding me after the persons I refer. I hope this AFF programme will be continuously in progress as it is easy yet a great WIN-WIN Deal! I suggest to all to refer your family and friends to set for our financial freedom.
Zaidah Binti Mohd Kassim, 43
Al Rajhi Staff/AFF Member
Kg. Baru, Kuala Lumpur

I am happy with the rewards I earn from AFF as I can generate extra income of it. The more I get the happier I am. This programme is absolutely fabulous!
Al Rajhi Customer/AFF Member

When first time I heard about AFF, I don't believe it. I never found any bank that want to share their profits with us. I just open an account, register AFF and start referring.
Al Rajhi Customer/AFF Member

My name is Azhar. I am from Kajang, Selangor.

For more than 30 years, I had been working for others in the maritime and aviation industries. I decided to opt for an early retirement at age 48 and ventured into wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth preservation business. Things turn out fantastically well for me now and oh of course struggled at the beginning stage. (Nothing comes easy in life! :) )

Similarly I think, Al Rajhi's AFF Program is tremendously marvellous and great as it serves to sincerely help people overcome their financial challenges besides rewarding their members after completing their tasks. MasyaALLAH this is so wonderful as I have accounted many good returns on my other business too after referring, sharing and helping other to fulfill their DOAs.

A BIG THANK YOU to AL RAJHI BANK for introducing this fabulous program which I sincerely feel and hope that every Malaysians should grab this opportunity and enjoy the benefits that could be your passive income in the future! insyaALLAH.