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IMPORTANT: Applicant is requested to read these Terms and Conditions before completing the Application Form

In these Terms & Conditions “AFF Program” means Al Rajhi Friends & Family Program. “Member” means the Bank’s customer or staff who has signed up for the AFF Program. “Rewards” means cash incentive that will be credited into Member’s account. “Eligible Products” referred to participating banking products in AFF Program where the Bank will share part of the net income earned from the said banking products with the Members.

AFF Program is provided by Al Rajhi Bank, Malaysia. Members of AFF Program will have the opportunity to earn rewards by referring customers to the Bank. Rewards will be given to Members for every successful financing customer referred to the Bank.

Under the AFF Program, the Bank will be sharing its profit earned on the Eligible Products with the Members based on the profit sharing ratio as stated herein. The AFF Program and Member’s participation are subject to the foregoing terms and conditions. The applicable Shariah principle with regards to this AFF Program shall be the principle of Jua’lah.

By taking part of this AFF Program, Members hereby agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and/or its supplementals or variations thereof. Decision of the Bank shall be final and binding on all matters relating to this AFF Program.



AFF Program is open to all Bank’s customers and staff in Malaysia with the exception of the Bank’s staff who are attached to the Credit Underwriting Department, Credit Approval Committee and any other staff as provided in the relevant Bank’s policy.


Individual customer must be above 21 years to be eligible to become a Member.


The Bank’s customers need to register as a member and pay one time off joining fee and an annual membership fee to remain as an active member of AFF Program.  The joining and annual membership fee shall be RM50-00 and RM20-00 respectively. The joining fee is non-refundable. The annual fees will be refundable on prorate basis in the event of cancellation of membership by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to review the above charges as and when it deems necessary by giving thirty (30) days’ notice to the Members.


The minimum requirement to be eligible under AFF Program is for a customer to promote any of the Eligible Product. To facilitate the payment of the incentives, the Customer must maintain and continue to maintain a deposit account with the Bank.


A Member’s eligibility for the Rewards is subject to the Member’s compliance with these terms and conditions. Any violation by Member of this Clause may affect Member’s eligibility for the Rewards and disqualification under this AFF Program.


The Bank may terminate the membership without notice and for whatever reason if the Member fails to comply with these Terms & Conditions including the following:

  • supplies any misleading information to the Bank; or
  • makes any misrepresentations of the Bank to any parties involved or intend to involve in the AFF Program; or
  • engages in any fraudulent activities under the AFF Program; or
  • engages in collecting monthly installment from another Member or forcing another Member to pay monthly installment; or
  • fail to pay the joining fee or annual fees (as the case may be) within one (1) month from the due date;
Termination of membership will result in forfeiture of all accumulated Rewards with immediate effect


Each Member of the AFF Program will be classified as follows:-

Category of Membership

Classification Criteria

Payment Percentage of Accumulated Incentive


Refer and maintain 14 or less financing customers to the Bank within his/her four levels of network.



Refer and maintain at least 15 financing customers to the Bank within his/her four levels of network. Out of 15 financing customers in the network, 4 of them have to be in Level 1* of the network.



Refer and maintain at least 35 financing customers to the Bank within his/her four levels of network. Out of 35 financing customers in the network, 4 of them have to be Spectrum member.


*Kindly refer to Schedule 1 for the illustration of Level 1.


Members may refer any person to the Bank (excluding the Bank’s staff) to be part of his own networking group. The Bank reserves the right to reject any referral at its discretion without having to assign any reason whatsoever.


The Bank’s staff or customer shall not refer another Bank’s staff to be his/her down-liner or up-liner (as the case may be) in this AFF Program. Notwithstanding the above restriction, the exception is given to members who are non-staff and later becoming a staff of the Bank. This exception to the restriction shall be reviewed by the Bank from time to time and the Bank may revoke such exception at its discretion.



Member will begin earning the Rewards upon commencement of this AFF Program. No retrospective Rewards will be granted for referrals made prior to the commencement of this AFF Program.


Eligible customers referred must pass the Bank’s qualifying criteria which may include passing the credit underwriting criteria for financing facilities. No Rewards will be given to Members should the referred customers fail to meet the Bank’s qualifying criteria.


Rewards will be paid to the referring Members when the referred Members make prompt payment of their monthly installment commitment. “Prompt Payment” is defined as monthly installment payment made on or before the monthly due date.


There are four (4) levels of networking from which Members may enjoy the Rewards. The networking levels will break after the 4th level for each Member. If a Member in the 4th level makes Prompt Payment, a portion of the monthly net profit earned by the Bank will be distributed to four (4) levels upwards, the percentage of which is provided below.  For illustration purposes, the entire levels of networking are depicted in Schedule 1.

  1. Level 1 – 40% of the net profit sharing;
  2. Level 2 – 25% of the net profit sharing;
  3. Level 3 – 20% of the net profit sharing; and
  4. Level 4 – 15% of the net profit sharing


 The amount of Rewards to be shared will be based on the Bank monthly income, which is determined by the Bank after deducting all the relevant cost associated with the financing.  The summary of the proposed profit sharing percentage (from net income) will be as follows:-

  1. Personal Financing - 12.50%
  2. Auto Financing - 9.00%
  3. Home Financing - 10.00%


Rewards are calculated and paid out in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).


Monthly statement will be sent to all Members on the amount of Rewards entitled and number of Members within his/her own group networking.


Member will receive Rewards for every successful financing customer referred to the Bank subject to the following conditions:-

  1. the financing of the referred customer has been approved and disbursed;
  2. Member must maintain an active membership status;
  3. Member’s referred customers and down liners must make Prompt Payment for the duration of the financing tenure;


Member must complete and submit the referral form to the Bank. Membership number must be stated on each referral form submitted and one referral form for each referral. If two different Members refer the same customer, the Bank will accept the referral form from the Members on first come first serve basis.


Rewards will be distributed on monthly basis and shall be credited into Member’s deposit account with the Bank. Rewards are non refundable, exchangeable or replaceable with other consideration.  


Rewards are personal to referring Member and may not be combined with Rewards earned by other Members or assignable to another Member.


No substitutions or transfers of Rewards to another Member are permitted. Member is not entitled for future rewards if he/she cancels his/her membership or default on his/her financing installment. 


Any taxes arising from a Member’s participation in the AFF Program is the responsibility of the Member. The Bank may deduct the applicable taxes if required to do so by the authority under the relevant acts or regulations.


In the event of death of the Member, Rewards accumulated prior to his death can be transferred to his legal heirs subject to the submission of the appropriate documentation to the Bank.



The Bank reserves the right to determine the duration of this AFF Program. The Bank reserves the right to suspend or terminate the AFF Program at any time with prior notice without assigning any reason whatsoever.


Membership Cards are not transferable and are the property of the Bank. The Bank may charge RM5.00 for a replacement card.


If the Member’s membership is revoked or voluntarily terminated, such Member shall no longer be entitled to the monthly distribution of Rewards from the date his membership is revoked or terminated.


Members hereby consent for the Bank to disclose any information (excluding information on the bank account and its transactions) pertaining to the Member to another immediate Member under this AFF Program, its parent company, branches, related corporations, associates, subsidiaries, affiliates, assignees, proposed assignees, agents and/or any other parties engaged by the Bank to enable or assist the Bank to exercise or enforce its right and obligations under these terms and conditions or for the purpose of cross-selling, promotional and marketing of the Bank’s products.


Members shall ensure that all personal detail provided to the Bank is accurate at the point of submission and that the Bank is kept abreast and updated of any changes in their personal details.


The Bank reserves the right to vary, add to or amend these terms and conditions subject to agreement of the Bank’s Shariah Committee. In the event any Member does not agree to such variation, addition and amendment, such Member must cancel his membership within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice of such variation, addition and amendment, failing which such Member shall be deemed to have accepted such variation, addition and/or amendment without reservation. In the event of cancellation, the Bank shall refund the annual fees on pro rate basis and pay the accumulated Rewards entitled by the Member prior to such cancellation.


The Bank’s liability in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the following exclusions and limitations:-

  1. the Bank shall not be liable for any default resulting directly or indirectly from any cause beyond the Bank’s control, including but not limited to failure of data processing systems;
  2. where Rewards are incorrectly credited into the Member’s account due to the Bank’s fault, the Bank’s liability shall be limited to rectifying the mistake;
  3. nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or limit the Bank’s liability for loss resulting from the Bank’s negligence or fraud.


Any correspondence, notices, requests and demands to be given or made under these terms and conditions shall be in writing or any other mode of communication as may be determined by the Bank. If the notice is given in writing, such notice shall be deemed to be sufficiently served:-

  1. if it is sent by the party by ordinary post to the other party at his address or at such other address as the other party might have notified the party giving the notice as his new address, five (5) days after the date of posting; or

  2. if it is dispatched by hand to the other party, on the day of delivery.


No failure or delay on the Bank’s part in exercising nor any omission to exercise any right, power, privilege or remedy accruing to the Bank under these terms and conditions shall impair any such right, power, privilege or remedy or be construed as a waiver thereof nor shall an acquiescence in any such default, affect or shall impair the Bank’s right, power, privilege or remedy in respect of any other or subsequent default nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy prevent any further or other exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right or remedy. The rights and remedies herein provided are cumulative and not exclusive of any other rights or remedies provided by law.


Any provisions of these terms and conditions which is invalid, unenforceable or prohibited shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions hereof.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Malaysian law. The parties agree to submit all disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysian Courts.

Notwithstanding herein, for all intents and purposes, these terms and conditions are intended to be a Shari’ah compliant document in accordance with the relevant Shari’ah contract and be construed in accordance with the Shari’ah principles. The parties further agree to be bound by the Shari’ah requirements adopted by the Bank.

In the event of any dispute concerning Shari’ah matters arising from these terms and conditions, the parties hereby agree to refer to Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) standards for reference and guidance.

For avoidance of doubt, as at the date of these terms and conditions, the Bank’s Shari’ah Committee had endorsed these terms and conditions to be in compliance with Shari’ah requirements.


In case of any disputes between Members, the decision of the Bank shall be final.

Schedule 1