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Arrive at Financial Freedom

If any Member on the 4th Level pays promptly, part of the Bank’s monthly net profit will be distributed upwards.

For example, if a Member on the 4th Level(L4) pays RM1,000 as his/her monthly installment and assuming that out of that amount, RM200 is the Bank’s monthly net profit, the bank shares a certain percentage from the net profit to be distributed and shared upwards according to the level as per illustrated above. In this case, if the percentage shared is 10%, RM20 will be distributed upwards in these denominations: 40% or in this case RM8 will be distributed to level 3(L3), 25% or in this case RM5 will be distributed to level 2(L2), 20% or in this case RM4 will be distributed to level 1(L1), and 15% or in this case RM3 will be distributed to level 0(L0).
**Please note that this is if all the members are a Titanium member who earns 100% of the allocated reward.


The distributed Rewards are part of the Bank’s monthly net profit and are multi-layered.

The bank will share its monthly profit generously and the monthly net profit sharing ratio of each financing product is as follows:

The Profits will be shared with the entitled Member based on certain conditions, primarily:
The Profit will be distributed ONLY if the monthly installments are paid promptly before or on the due date of every month. Any payments in arrears will not entitle the referring Members to receive the Reward.

These conditions are to be met at anytime in order to reap the Referral Rewards.

  • Members must at least maintain a Savings Account or Current Account with Al Rajhi Bank in order for the bank to incentivize the referral income.
  • The level for each networking group is limited to 4 levels. Each networking group on the 5th level will break the network.