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1.   How do I apply for positions in Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia?

Via the careers web page. Positions available are listed in the ”Experience Professionals“, ”Young Graduates“ and ”Direct Sales Force“

2.   How can I learn which jobs are currently available?
      How will I know when a new opportunity becomes available?

You can review current opportunities on our Career Page. While Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia job advertisements may appear in specific newspapers, magazines or other recruitment websites, the Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia web site remains the most comprehensive source of current opportunities.

3.   I already have a resume prepared. Why should I take the time to fill out a profile rather than send you my resume?

We believe our online application process will save you time by enabling you to easily update your personal and employment information as well as apply your profile information to multiple positions. Our online application process streamlines your experience and will make your skills and qualifications more readily searchable to multiple recruiters within Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia. Our online application process allows you to:

Create a personal profile including your contact information, skills and qualifications.
Search and apply for available positions.
Update your profile information as needed.

4.   How do I apply for multiple positions at Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia?

Once you complete your profile, you are able to apply your information to multiple positions. Please note that you must apply your information specifically to each position that is of interest to you.

5.   Can I still apply to Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia, even if there isn’t a specific position currently available that is of interest to me?

Yes. By creating a profile and entering your skills and qualifications into the system, the recruiter will be able to perform searches based on your information even if you have not applied for any specific vacancies.

6.   How long will my profile remain in the database?
      How often should I update it?

Your profile will remain active in our database for two years. If your personal or employment information changes, we recommend you update your personal profile. At a minimum, your profile should be updated every twelve months.

7.   How do I change my profile information?

Once you have created a profile, you may change your personal information or update your resume as needed. Simply access your profile with your user ID/PASSWORD and make the necessary changes. Your information will be updated immediately.

8.   What if I forget my password?

You can go to the login screen and click on the “Forgot Your Password” link. You will need to successfully answer the question, which you would have pre-set in your profile. If you have forgotten your pre-set questions & answer, please contact Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia Human Resources Division to reset your password.

9.   Can I set up multiple accounts?

The system recognizes the user from the NRIC number entered. Hence, at the career’s page it will still redirect you to your original account when you attempt to register as a new account holder.

10. How do I tell a friend about job opportunities at Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia?

If you find an employment opportunity that you feel a friend may be interested in, you can send the position to them directly using the “Send This Job Posting to a Friend” button located at the bottom of the job posting. You simply click the “Send This Job Posting to a Friend” button and you will be prompted to enter your friend’s e-mail address, your e-mail address, and any comments you would like to include. Click the send button and your friend will receive the complete job posting and your message via email.

11. Does Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia offer internships?

Yes, we offer a limited number of internship opportunities depending on our business needs. In keeping with our commitment to employee development and job growth opportunities, our internship program focuses on providing such opportunities to internal candidates first.

12. What is the best way to apply for an internship?

You should apply online via our Career Page. You will need to fill out a profile and submit your resume there.

13. How can I obtain an informational interview with Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia recruiter?
      Can you forward me to Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia managers so I can discuss an internship?

While we are excited that you are interested in internship opportunities at Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia, our program is simply not robust enough to accommodate the high volume of requests from students desiring informational interviews with recruiters and/or managers.

14. Should I submit a hardcopy resume in addition to my profile in JobsXpress databank?

You may mail your hardcopy resume to us. However, a hardcopy resume will limit you to only one point and / or one application of a vacant position. Your online application has its advantage; in that it will make your skills and qualifications more readily searchable to multiple recruiters within Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia.

15. What characteristic does Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia look for in a candidate?

If you are adaptable, self motivated, passionate, energetic and creative, we want you! Being a bank that is growing in dynamic new ways, we recognise that the right people offering their ideas and expertise will enable us to continue our success. Being an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, we will consider all qualified applicants without regard to sexual orientation, race, national, origin, gender, age, religion, disability or marital status.

16. What is the selection process?

Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia recruiters and/or hiring managers will review resumes submitted for posted opportunities based on the qualifying criteria established for the position. The best qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews. Recruiters and hiring managers may also search the Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia resume database for qualified candidates.

17. What career development prospects do employees have at Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia?

Career development is important to Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia and is promoted via regular discussions with your managers. Career development can take several forms:

Development of specialist skills
Shift of technology focus to broaden scope/experience
Increase in responsibility
Internal move to take on new responsibilities

Additionally, all employees can work with their managers on their career path, and if desired work on a smooth transition path to new challenges.

18. Can I move internally?

Internal mobility is important to Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia. Employees have access to internal opportunities across all sites and can apply to positions suitable to their competencies via our on-line job posting tool.

19. For how long should I expect to wait to hear from Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia?

Candidates are likely to receive an update from Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia within around two weeks of their application. Your CV will be entered into our database and made available to recruiters who specialise in the areas matching your skills, strengths, and areas of interest. A Recruiter will contact you if an open position matches your skills and background.

20. Does Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia check references?

Yes. Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia reserves the right to check references and educational qualifications extensively for any candidate at any point in the recruitment process.

21. Who will see my application? Is it confidential?

Your application will be treated with utmost respect and confidentiality. Initially, the only person(s) to see your details will be members of our fully-trained Recruitment team and the Hiring Manager. If, after a confidential screening with the Recruiter, there is mutual agreement that you are to progress to interview meetings, your details will be shared with the relevant interviewers helping us hire for the role. All Interviewers are Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia employees and fully trained in our recruiting processes. All Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia employees work under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement. Similarly, you may be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so that we can discuss confidential information with you around remuneration and business strategy associated with the role. We will only retain your personal information and contact you again if you give us permission to do so.
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