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Letter of Credit-i

When you need your seller to know that you have the financial means to import their goods, Al Rajhi Bank's Letter of Credit-i comes in useful. Often used in international trade to eliminate the risks associated with the importer's country, the Letter of Credit serves as concrete confirmation that your seller will receive payment for the goods or services imported by you.

Establish your trade requirements with Al Rajhi Bank today. We can help you arrange a Letter of Credit-i efficiently and speedily (please check out our latest Express Letter of Credit-i benefit below) – within a day subject to documentation. By signing the Letter of Credit-i, you have engaged Al Rajhi Bank to honour the payment based on the terms and conditions agreed upon.

This product is offered under the contract of Wakalah (Agency).

(fully secured against deposit account)
ONE DAY issuance for LC-i Letter of Offer with minimum supporting documents and ONLY ONE DAY to get your LC-i out, subject to completion of documentation.

Click Express LC-i Application Checklist for more details.
Re-issuance of Import Letter of Credit for transfer to second beneficiary, local or foreign.
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