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Talk to us about your company's fund-raising needs. With extensive experience in the Islamic debt capital markets primarily via Islamic debt securities or Sukuk, we can help you identify, structure and align the best source of finance to meet your objectives. Leverage on our advising, structuring, arranging, managing, underwriting and distribution capabilities to tap into these markets, and pump in the funds your company requires for the following:

•   Corporate and working capital
•   Liquidity management
•   Asset acquisition
•   Project finance

Whether your funding needs are in local or foreign currency, our professionals are well-versed with the commercial, regulatory and Shariah aspects of fund-raising exercises in the local, regional and Middle East markets. We have experience liasing with inter-alia regulators, rating agencies, investors, media, legal counsels and other advisers (e.g., taxation and accounting) to ensure a seamless fund-raising exercise.
Our range of Islamic debt securities or Sukuk comprises:
  Sukuk Bai' Bithaman Mu'ajjal (Sukuk BBM)
  Sukuk al-Amanah Li al-Istithmar (Sukuk ALlm)
Note: Sukuk ALIm is a type of mixed-asset or Istithmar Sukuk and the world's first Islamic debt securities or Sukuk which precludes the Shariah principles of:
- Inah (sale and pre-determined buyback by the original vendor)
- Bay'Dayn (trading of debt)
- Tawarruq Munazzam (pre-determined transactions between multiple parties to receive    cash)
- Wa'ad (promise or undertaking)

Sukuk ALIm has proven to appeal to a wider array of local and international investors
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